Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

Why do you need a ‘Side Hustle’ with a full time job?

Are you paid for the over time hours? Full time jobs take away more than 12-16 hours of our life hours in a day.

While full time employees sign up for 45 hours per week of work life, it takes more than that to stay in a job.

Corporates and organizations that care to improve their employer brand and satisfaction should include ‘Life Operating System ‘ as a part of their evaluation.

Managers, C-suite level executives and bosses who don’t show up to meetings on time, who steal away hours from the other buckets of an employee’s life should be penalized by non performance. Too bad 👎 poor planning.

The same holds good to those who linger in the workspace for longer wee hours that raises unnecessary expectations from other employees who are being productive.

They are actually adding to the unproductive hours of a company. Teams need to be encouraged to reduce time duration of calls and meetings.

Having set the context of wise use of work time, let me share why we need a side hustle?

Why a Side Hustle with a full-time job?

Side Hustle may or may not be monetized. But here is how it benefits.

  • Keep pace with your passion or hobby.
  • Safeguard the sudden recession and pink slip.
  • Work on your skills that need more improvement.
  • Build a new ecosystem or upgrade your existing network.
  • Share your knowledge with the rest of the world.
  • Identify a new strength.
  • Run experiments and test ground.
  • An extra stream of income.
  • Monetize a skill. Duh uh! Ofcourse.

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