Side Hustle- 100 Words

5 reasons that stop from your goals. Habit breaker = goal breaker

Did you just start a #habit 4 days ago and stopped it?

The reason could have been very genuine, and I completely understand. But…

Your #GOALS don’t understand why you stopped the habit.

They are still waiting for you it reach them.

You start your path. You start becoming a #thoughtleader of your speciality but that fizzles out after 3 to 5 attempts. It’s because you AGAIN suddenly get busy.

You have more important work to complete. Your boss is waiting for you. You are tired. You need to feed your brain with something relaxing. And then,

The same day repeats itself (without your goal action plan).

Look for what is stopping you. Any of the following reasons could be killing it

  1. No accountability partner
  2. No community
  3. Poor prioritization
  4. Not hungry enough to achieve
  5. Not slotted time on calendar

Do you have any other reason that stops you from achieving your goals?

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