Linkedin Voice | Personal Branding Side Hustle- 100 Words

100 words, writing everyday

The most boring thing that I ever experienced was NOT a Monday morning!!

The most boring thing was to repeat the same thing everyday.

I am challenging myself to do the most boring thing everyday, without any excuses.

I have a hack for it.

And that’s by repeating to do what I enjoy the most. WRITING.

In this video I am revealing how I am going to make it happen.👇

If you are game to this challenge, then open your calendar. Block 15 – 20 minutes to write everyday. Start writing your 100 words.

What are the rules of #100words challenge?

You have to write 100 words everyday for 100 days. For each day, you get one point. So end of 100 days you have to earn 100 points. If you skip writing on any single day, this could be even on day-99, your score goes back to ZERO. Which means you have to restart the game again from Day – 1.

Who can join the challenge #100words?

Anyone. All you have to do in go to Linkedin and me @Nischala Agnihotri and use the #100words for me to find you.

Is there a group where I can join to stay motivated?

Yes. We have a Whatsapp group. Find me on Linkedin and I will share the group link for you to join.