Think Code OS

What is Think Code OS?

Think Code Operating System is designed to help you generate authentic and personalized content ideas in abundance with unique, publish-ready scripts that can be used for social media posts, articles, etc.

Cohort 1:

28th April to 18th May

Cohort 2:
Fast Filling ( We take only 30 registrations)

12th May to 1st June

Monthly Cohort: Brand New

9th June to 29th June

Why do you need this?

Why spend more time when you can create… 99+ unique and original content ideas for social media posts in less than 2 weeks?

What can you avoid and stop doing after this course?

  • No guessing prompts: Don’t keep guessing prompts to get suboptimal results
  • No broken calendar: Don’t miss the consistency calendar
  • No broken habits: Don’t restart from a broken cycle of posting

What do you get out of this?

  • 90-day content calendar: Don’t spend thousands of rupees on training an intern, burning your time, and experimenting with prompts.
  • Market tested prompts: Step by step guide with exact prompts that you can use with Chat GPT and Gemini (formerly Bard).
  • 5 ideation frameworks: Repeatable ideation frameworks across product features, use cases, products, and brands.
  • Easy syntax and structure inserts for creating unique scripts.
  • Scalable ideation and content systems.
  • Access to all working templates in Google Spreadsheets and Notion.

Bootcamp details

  • 21-day Email course
  • 5 days of ground zero and prep work
  • LIVE Working session: 12 hours of LIVE workshop designed for you to crack the system and start seeing results. This is a 4 hour long learning session on 3 consecutive days.
  • 13 days of cohort assignments

What else?

  • FREE 6- Month Membership of Story Scientist
  • Access to the WhatsApp community
  • Access to new resources and templates only available to members.
  • Access to Newsletter