Become a Thought Leader

Thought Leadership is a part of the outcome-based mix used for any Personal Branding project. Your organization’s brand would be a mechanical representation of what you do without emotions.

People’s everyday life seems profoundly emotional, experiencing at least one emotion 90% of the time.


It is typically either the founding or leadership team of an organization that brings that emotion. The more you place stimulus for emotion to occur, the more will your audience fall in love with your brand.

52-Week Thought Leadership course curriculum

The entire course is anchored in seven actions called the ‘7 karma of thought leadership.’

Each karma (or action) can be fulfilled by developing a specific set of skills, qualities, mindset shifts, and technical know-how. These seven actions are inspired by the seven colors of a rainbow. As you progress, you will see the colors change. Here is the weekly classification of the course’s curriculum.

Prep weeksStay prepared with these before you get into the full groove.
Week -1Personal Branding mix
Week 0Understanding 7 actions of thought leadership
Week 1 to 7 ThinkThinking is the fundamental action for any thought.
VisualizeWhat you see when your eyes are shut is what you will see when opening your eyes… Close your eyes and picture it. You will see it slowly evolve and emerge before your shut your eyes and an open mind. That is ‘Visual Imagery’.
Self-awareIt is not so much about what you wear on your body. It is much to do with what you wear on your mind.
ListenInner speech. Listen to what your heart says. Listen to everything. Your guiding self will tell you where to stop.
ArticulateWord-by-word, write down who you want to be. Right from how you should look like, feel like, be like, think like, and live like. Who is this person that you are calling “me”.
InspireThere’s always something to draw inspiration from the past. Use your role models and their work.
Build a TheoryBuild a strong foundation of knowledge to build a theory or argument before presenting it. Foundation.
ClairvoyantThis is a supernatural power, beyond clarity. You can see connections and meaning that others don’t see. This is unique to your natural Self.
The season of Violet.
Week 8 – 12: DiscoverDiscover about yourself and about what do you have and not have for real. It could be money or mindset. It is also about figuring out what resources you have to achieve your end goal.
CuriousWhat’s next? Why? How? For whom? These questions should be on repeat mode.
AudaciousSet a goal and process that is audacious enough. It may seem too big, to begin with. But, when you start you will see how small it is when you are in the future. It will seem closer than farther.
VulnerableIt takes courage to break a social norm and stand unaccepted before a tribe that you actually want to belong to. That’s being vulnerable.
Find a NicheFind something that you are really good at. Loving and being loyal to your niche is what sets you apart.
JourneyBe cognizant of how your journey will look like. Carve a journey to become a thought leader. It is unique.
The season of Indigo.
Week 13 – 20: TreatiseIt involves coming to a consensus with yourself, your partners, your friends, and your entire ecosystem.
Dear Me,Relationship with the Self
StructureThoughts are arranged in a cohesive structure for the idea to emerge and evolve
EnvironmentEverything needed for the necessary stimuli to spark the right thoughts.
ExperiencesWhat are the defining moments and how you respond to them?
DharmaThis is your rulebook of the game and exceptions too.
AnchorThey hold you without moving astray.
EcosystemA place where dots are connected and enable easy access for the goal to be achieved. It’s like saying everything is in place.
AlliesGain some advocates and champions who believe in you.
The season of Blue.
Week 21 – 30: EmergeThere are 10 qualities or skills so to say that help you emerge into your new self. It helps you stick around with your goal.
AcknowledgeBegin by recognizing what you have and what you don’t have. A great beginning to craft a new Self.
PropoundBuild a strong foundation of knowledge to build a theory or argument before presenting it. Foundation. Know-how Foundation.
CommittedLike a leech, just stick to what you told yourself once upon a time.
MagneticWhen you are magnetized to your goal. Your audience is magnetized to you.
AuthenticBeing heartful. Faking is evident.
FluidInspired by an Ameoba. It takes its shape and adapts to the environment. Make your fluid but anchored to your goal.
CourageIt also means the courage to rise and to fail and not be found among the mighty.
TrustSurrender the risk to that moment of uncertainty. It is during the uncertain times when you need Trust the most.
SurrogacyNo one talks about it because this is hard. It is to bear the effort and carry the load but not own the result. Detached attachment.
AccountableFind someone or a process that makes you accountable for your actions. An accountability partner is a must.
The season of Green.
Week 31- 38: RepeatMany times, people ignore this assuming that things are all in place, but when we repeat a process in different circumstances we realize how it needs to be further tweaked for perfection.
ThroughputA combination of speed, sequence, and consistency is what builds Throughput.
SystemsThe end result is automation and predictability. Systems put your ‘idea churning machine’ on auto-pilot mode.
ExperimentExperiments are a lot easy to practice because they are benchmarked against true or false. There is no success or failure.
One ThingFocus is a by-product when you have only one thing to work on. Just ONE THING.
PriorityJust the most important sticks to the present moment. Nothing else.
AccommodateCriticisms and feedback need room to breathe as much as praises and laurels.
RewireSettle the unsettled and embrace what you cherish. Reset your course and get started.
OwnershipWhen ideas and efforts are your own, the results also belong to you. Own everything – good and bad.
The season of Orange
Week 39 – 45: EvolveSpend some time shedding certain aspects about yourself and regathering a new self.
PauseMake space for silence. Make room for new things to be presented to you.
DeliberateHow to make things better to live in a world that you envision and a future that you want to build. It’s all about developing an idea and making it better.
CoalesceMeet someone and something new, now coalesce that with your idea for a better version.
RhythmOrchestrate. Bring together everything at the right frequency that develops a rhythm between you and your audience.
InnovateTry combinations and spaces that you have never tried before. Join dots that you never connected before.
ShiftYou no longer live in the same plane and revolve on the same trajectory. Go for a moonshot.
TranscendSettling into a new plane than where you were, means you need to be a different person than who you were in the earlier plane.
The season of Yellow
Week 46 – 52: AmplifyAmplify sounds like you want to make it loud, but is actually showcasing only what is important.
EmpathyYou can amplify your intentions only when you know what the other person is experiencing.
PersonalizeEvery person is unique. Given them what they need.
Shared PurposeA shared purpose binds people at a large scale. This is beyond personal preferences.
ApproachableOnly angels can reach you on Cloud 9. People on Earth need you.
AttractUse your magnetic charisma to attract the right set of people over and over again.
ResonanceFind emotions, habits, and behaviors that resonate with the audience.
HookedUse anchors to keep your audience hooked to the emotions and purpose that you share with each other.
ExcellenceExcellence is a habit. Once you get a hang of it, excellence becomes your second nature.
The season of Red.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Thought Leadership email course by Story Scientist?

This is a 52-week program. Yes, you got the math right, for one year we’ll stay in touch. This means from the time you sign up, you will receive nudges, practical hacks, inspirational stories, and podcast files taking you through what is store for you each week.

Why is this program not a cohort-based course?

‘Become a Thought Leader’ is a DIY course that can be completed at your pace. It is the most fundamental aspect you would need to build if you have just started your personal branding project.

“I need someone who can handhold me.” How can we help you?

All the necessary material will be sent via email to your inbox. We also have a course called the ‘Founder’s Brand’ exclusively designed for founding teams and the top leadership of an organization. This is a cohort-based course that helps you not become a Thought Leader, but helps you create your community, train for voice and communication, and advises on the tools and technology that you need, personalized for your business.