Side Hustle- 100 Words

I got fired. The reason was not told :-(

I got fired and I was not told the reason.

So many around the world are getting fired. But, we are given half-baked answers to them.

What happened after I got fired?

I got fired and I was not told the reason. I told about this to my husband while I came back in a cab, back home.

I clunked myself onto the floor while I waited for my one year to hug me. She came up to me with wabbly walk and hugged me. I got so much energy from her. It was healing.

My mom looked at me with great surprise. I didn’t understand the meaning behind her surprise. And then, boom it struck me. That was my daughter’s first walk. She had turned one year, 10 days before I got fired and still couldn’t walk independently. Now, I got the opportunity to not miss her first walk.

How I felt?

I felt devastated. Many around me told I never deserved this job, I am not a person who can match up to it.

I felt I am not good enough.

I went back to a freelancing role. I told myself that I will earn more than the salary through freelancing gigs. And so I did.

4 months later

What happened after 4 months after I got fired?

After 4 months, I met someone from the same company who told me that many others got fired due to budget constraints. This made me realize, “Your capabilities are always not the reason for you to get fired. There’s more to it than yourself. Don’t blame yourself and be harsh.

Moral of the story: During recession and meltdowns, if you got fired, it is not your inability or capability because of which you got fired. It is the employer’s incapacity to plan and foresee that people are required or not.

P.S. I ended up earning 3 times my target.