Side Hustle- 100 Words

Renting time spaces

I bought a house and then I had some excess savings so I invested in another smaller house. I let it out on rent. With the second one, I started my second stream of income.

Second stream of income is the most lucrative part. Right?

But let’s be honest. This kind of access to capital is only possible for those who have a heavy paycheck and deep pockets.

But for starters who are talented and those who are at the bottom of the paycheck pyramid, how can they have a second stream of income 🤔 (that is capital intensive) ?

Does that mean the starters have no hope? Not really.

With financial capital you can rent out physical spaces.

With skill capital you can rent out “time spaces”.

How to create time spaces?

It’s simple. Plan your day in blocks of time. Block your calendar which helps you decide what you should be doing when. I block my thinking time and free time too. This helps me not use that time for something that not scheduled.

Set up rules for yourself on how many hours do you want to spend on what.

How to rent out time spaces?

  • 1:1 Coaching is a great way to begin your side hustle while you advice, support and coach people using your skill set.
  • Consulting gigs are another way to rent out your time spaces.
  • Live group workshops is a model that can be productized based on time.
  • Building a digital product from scratch can also be put on the time chart. It could be a solution to a problem market or a writing a book.
  • Podcasting is another raging form of side hustle that you could explore.

Similarly, volunteering, interviewing are all activities that consume skill capital. As long as you have skill capital, you can rent out time spaces to people around you.