Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

Side hustlers who work on extra gigs need this framework

“I am good at this and so, let me just start a side gig.” If that’s why you started or want to start a side hustle, too bad. How I wish things were that simple?

Side hustling that can help you land on a few extra gigs need to be fueled by the framework.

Framework for Side Gigs – CHART MEN

C – Community, a group of like minded people with the same shared purpose

H – Habits (learning clock), systems that help us build something based on consistency

A – Accountability partner, someone to watch over your shoulder to set controls

R – Resource library, a customized library that will help you with learning and referencing.

T – Thought leadership, the loveable authority who we all look up to.

M – Micro Actionable goals, milestones that tell you that you are going on the right path.

E – Ecosystem of Elves, people who will execute on your behalf.

N – Network (for references and spread the word), people who love us and who we can reach out to.