Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

How to tell your employer that your side hustle is fair?

Employment letters are outdated. Let’s face it.

Your employment letter has a termination clause but, may not have “what if you got kicked out due to a meltdown or recession” clause. It should include “you are allowed to do a side hustle” clause that is non conflicting and does not hinder the productivity of my employment.

The threat of an employee owning a side hustle comes from a space of losing the employee for non productivity and siphoning confidential business information while partnering with competitors.

Simply stated, your employer doesn’t want you to.

  1. Spend working hours on something else. Because your employer pays you from his pocket.
  2. Give away your employer’s information to a competitor in the garb of making your own business.

If you can present a plan that tells how your side hustle does not threaten any of this, you have a winning case to present.

Even better, if your side hustle supports the values and goals of your organization, articulate that too.

To run my side hustle, I use Notion to organize my ideas and plan my day after work. So that it does not have any conflicts with my workday schedule.