Side Hustle- 100 Words

My first side hustle started when I was 13 years

I was 13 when I started my first sids hustle (Not quite the legal age!). Starting a side hustle early can help build a great foundation and a testing ground very soon.

My carnatic music teacher wanted me to complete my music exam right after my 10th grade (it’s equivalent to an undergrad degree).

I was in my 8th grade, almost 13 years when he mentioned this.

He said, “It’s time th you start teaching to be able to sing better.”

So I started spreading the word.

After school, I came back home and taught music to 4 students for an hour.

I not only gained a different perspective to music as a teacher but also, earned my pocket money.

I think it was 300 or 400 rupees per month.

My parents never questioned me what I did with that money. All they did was encouraged the habit of maintaining a notebook of expenses and savings.

They never reviewed the notebook. And I also learnt the concept of financial independence.

Would you encourage your kids to start a side hustle?