Side Hustle- 100 Words

Why being a part of a community matters?

Do you want to chill over a weekend night at a pub? It happens in minutes. But if you plan to lose weight or write a book, even the first step takes way longer than you think. Why?

The only step missing between your vision and reality is your PLAN OF ACTION.

The other missing part is a like minded community. Your weekend party will get executed by your friends. But your weight loss problem or writing a book program eats dust. There is no one to support your dreams.

There is no tribe that is willing to go after the same goal. If it was a pub evening, you have a tribe called friends to join you. But if it’s weight loss, you become a loner.

Coming together with a community

This is where a community helps.

Members of a community come together with a single purpose. It is a shared purpose. They speak the same language. They see similar things.

“Community is all about who you can share a Common Purpose with. This element of the mix is also referred to as the Compass. Thought leadership gains weight only with a community. Thoughts just on their own cannot be converted into action. It needs other people to accept it and adopt it into their lives.”

Nischala Agnihotri

Find a tribe and see the difference it makes.

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