Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

4 Low hanging fruits to be a Thought Leader.

Are you starting from ZERO? It might look like you never recognized your strengths. Or, you never did a side hustle. You never thought you could spend time on something apart from your mainstream. Here are some of the low hanging fruits you could try to become a Thought Leader. These are things that we do, no matter where you in your life.

4 ways in which you can start becoming a Thought Leader.


Ahha! Don’t be surprised. If you are good at talking to your team mates, then let’s start here. You could now start adding one new person. You could talk to one new person every week. This could be a simple Linkedin connect, asking that person a question. Or using a platforms like Lunchclub, Quora or Whatsapp to get connected to complete strangers and start talking to them.

If you don’t have stage fright, speaking is a great way to establish thought leadership. Joining a webinar as co-host, a speaker or joining a podcast conversation or into any virtual audio-rooms are ways in which you can start speaking.


It’s an art. Are you good at spotting distinctions unlike others? Do you develop really good patterns and drawing analogies? Jot down these observations. You could also be good at observing movies, your colleagues at work, sports people or any event. You can develop an exclusive blog about your observations and start sharing them.


Some people use very complex mental models in an effortless manner. This could be one of your strengths. Great thinking comes as a second nature to a few people. Meditation, deliberate thinking, observing silence are a few activities that can help you achieve better thinking. Share your thoughts with an exclusive community.

Scribing or Journaling

My favorite. Note making and journaling is powerful. Transcribing videos and conversations also teaches us a lot in that short period of time. Consistent habit of journaling can help you create a book that could be shared with a larger audience. It becomes a warm up exercise for something BIG.