Side Hustle- 100 Words

What to do? My head doesn’t settle for any thinking.

3 reasons why your thinking does not settle are… I will share them in a moment.

Thinking is a fundamental skill that Thought Leaders master. They are always a few steps ahead of the rest of the world in the way they perceive things.

But, I have heard many founders and senior professionals admit that thinking is a difficult task for them. There are 3 reasons what makes it difficult to think.

It happens due to

A fast paced brain… so calm it

A cluttered brain due to disturbance. Too many things happening at the same time.

A cluttered brain due to fear of failure, unknown and unpredictability. This is when it is constantly in a ‘Survival mode or hunting mode’ … You don’t have space to think. This circles back to having a fast paced brain. If you really have a lion hunting you then don’t think. You just run.

To settle down your mind here are a few things you could explore.

Sit down with closed eyes and start counting your breathe. Do some deliberate breathing to direct your focus onto something internal. Then bring your topic of brewing to the center of your attention.

Now, start with questions followed by questions until you reach a statement that requires no further questions.

What if you can’t shut your eyes?

Like in the middle of a meeting room.

  • Focus on things like a smudge on the wall.
  • The mole on your hand.
  • How you are chewing your gum?

Anything that diverts your attention which will not react when you stare at it. Use it as an anchor to slow down your mind’s pace.

What to do if your mind is cluttered?

2 things you can do – one external and another internal.

Eliminate all variables.

Your mind gets cluttered when there are too many things that you are working on. Say no to as many things as possible by delegating it, rescheduling it, or de-prioritizing it.

That’s the internal thing to be done.

Change the environment.

It might sound silly, but cleaning your room or house, adding incense sticks and aroma, changing the curtains, accessorizing it, dusting or any other cleaning or restructuring will help in adding focus to your core idea that your mind needs to get to work.