Side Hustle- 100 Words

Pralaya in not the end. What is Pralaya?

What is PRALAYA? To me pralaya is an explosion, an end to a continuous action. After such explosion comes stillness. This stillness results in silence that has the entire world in it.

A silence that can’t be expressed but can only be experienced.

Pralaya is a mythological concept referred to, in Hinduism. It represents the end of the world which otherwise is known as doom’s day or armageddon.

A revelation occurred to me which was an aftermath of a silent introspection. I asked myself for silence, for calmness. MySelf answered that I need to undergo Pralaya. I need to undergo an explosion, for which I should be ready and prepared enough. This explosion will be the end. Before experiencing such an end, I have to face an apocalypse fulfiling my daily responsibilities

Such end leads to inner stillness and then such stillness speaks. It speaks to me, it unveils everything I know. I am oblivion of knowing it. This whole cycle is like the phoenix. The phoenix burning itself and raising from ashes by itself.

The persistent movement within me dies and gives birth to itself once again. A little transition between movement and stillness is Pralaya. Pralaya is not the END!