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Success – Enjoyable or Regrettable?

Success – Enjoyable or Regrettable?

The glamour behind SUCCESS, the glamour that makes us feel that SUCCESS is closer and easier to achieve is deceiving. The glamour that seduces us to get closer to the sheen of success is the ugliest of all.

When any given task, is something we love to do, we enjoy it. We want to come back again and again to get the experience of finishing the task. That by itself is an accomplishment. No matter what, we come back to feel that accomplishment. That is success.

When a given task is an obligation to achieve something, we desist it. We feel regretful of choosing to that job. When we only ask for glamour and not success, we experience failure. We achieve the task and complete it perfectly but we regret this success. This is also success.

It is a choice we make, either to enjoy or regret our Success.