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Do Vision Boards really work?

If you think advertisers are foolish to spend millions on ads… think again! They are smart. They know what you don’t know. The science behind visualization.

Have you ever created a Vision Board?

If you are still wondering, “Do Vision Boards really work?”. Read further.

When you are driving you see a jewelry ad on the bill board or a divider in the middle of the road, subconsciously you are being primed to ask for it.

You would set your goals to buy it.

You would probably keep looking at a huge signboard that invites you for drinks or for an ambient experience at a restaurant.

You are attracted to it.

Placing ads at different touchpoints, promoting brand related visual imagery is also based on the concept of visualization.

When you keep seeing the same image over and over again, either you have a strong feeling of owning it or you get super familiar with it.

Subconsciously, it becomes a part of your mental environment which soon manifests physically.

A Vision Board to get started