Side Hustle- 100 Words

Are you still scared of retirement?

“Woh hein naa.” Let me reach out to her. She can solve it for me.

If you are one of those people who is famous helper on the floor, then…picture this.

  • People come to you for tough questions.
  • People know you are always there on the team to solve problems.
  • People know you have all the skill and expertise to accomplish goals.

But you are trembling within – being the opposite.

You have years of expertise and want to convert it into a retirement plan.

You know you should do something on LinkedIn, but never have the courage to get started?

The Pension Era

Until the 1990s in India, an entire generation lived as government employees. People employed in this Era have been the middle class, but with the boon of a secured financial future called PENSION.

However, the generations after that have not planned for it.

The new PENSION – Bartering bundled Knowledge and Experience for money!

Start a course, a newsletter, a podcast or a workshop that can serve as your PENSION deposit for the later years.

Begin a new generation retirement fund.