Side Hustle- 100 Words

Are you a founder and ashamed of speaking about your startup? (the ashamed storyteller-Startup founder)

Just like the First lady, the first marketer is the founder.

I have seen so many founders use the pretext that putting good delegation skills to use. And they ask the solo marketer to come up with the story out of the blue.

That won’t work.

You had the vision that you will make it BIG some day.

That billion dollar baby is yours.

It is like parents blaming the school teacher when the kid fails.

If parents lose hope on kids no one else in this world will continue to retain faith.

Similarly, if you lose hope in your #startup no one else will pay as much attention as you do.

The first story that founders should talk about is their VISION – the WHY?

Then, why do I need a marketer?”

While the founder tells the story, the marketer brings the skill of articulation. She packages it well with a beginning, middle and end.

They (marketers) can help you (founder) with when to tell what.

But, ultimately the founding team cannot be separated from the brand.

If you are a founder, try sharing your first version of the story.