Side Hustle- 100 Words

How to test if your side hustle will work?

“I like this. I like that.” How will I know which one will work?

I have already shared a 4-column exercise.

That gives you a list of passions that you could explore by prioritization.

Now, with the 7-30-100 day test, you will know if you are really cut out for it, and if it is worth the effort.

So, once you have the list from the 4 column exercise, choose the easiet option.

(Highly likely to be successful;-) hence boosts your confidence)

7 day litmus test

Start with a 7-day challenge. I break down complex processes and tasks into 7 day challenges.

Once I know that I can sustain it for a longer duration.

30 day challenge

This is to test repeatable success. If I am to repeat the challenge and achieve the goal 4 times (4weeks) in a 30 day challenge, then I push myself to the next level.

At the last level, I am checking myself for endurance.

100 day experiment

Now the same 7 day challenge upgraded with my learnings and improvisation, I test it for an almost 3-month duration. This is the 100 day experiment.

This helps me make this new change into a routine, a habit and becomes my second nature.

Try this time test your side hustle.