Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

Why some thought leadership is more attractive than others?

“Why is that guy’s story always better than mine?” Ever had this feeling?

When I introspect my work, a true comparison between my work and others that inspires me reveals the truth.

Those who inspire me have the ability to build unique perspectives.

Building unique perspectives is built by taking the strength of your unique experiences. Just like a finger print, each of your experiences are also unique.

Some sources that these Thought Leaders use to project their unique perspectives, are either standalone or a combination of

  • Childhood experiences
  • Early adult conditioning
  • Life narratives
  • Exposure to unusual or life changing events
  • Life stories shared by their parents, role models, and mentors
  • Observations of people around them

These are as unique as your finger print.

Your own authentic observations is what makes someone’s thinking different and unique from the rest.

Pen down some of the stories in those categories, and you will start seeing a unique personality emerge out for yourself.