Side Hustle- 100 Words

Customer testimonials, the ignored weapon to move fast from MVP to PMF

Will you trust a marketer or your friend?

Moving your product selling from early adopters to early majority, customers require you to show proof of happy customers or proof of impact. Early and the late majority customers look for validation and proof of what your product can do for them.

Customer testimonials is proof.

It’s not always in the form of “text in quotes” with a pretty headshot. Test

Art of collecting customer testimonials

  • Creating moments of happiness during on-boarding and delivery
  • Audience response after a high-energy pumped up event.
  • Scores at aggregated websites
  • Discussion forums – Quora, Discourse, etc.

Art of curating customer testimonials

Collections are a great way to bring context to what you are trying to convey.

  • You can curate two different formats. For eg: Bring a metric and a podcast quote together, a video and text quote together, or your product badge and a designation of the user together.
  • Curate a problem-feature-benefit-quote together.
  • Curate impact stories in one bundle.
  • Curate process efficiency stories, example being ‘time reduced’.

Going back to where we started, if you want more friends of friends being attracted to your brand, then gather as many customer testimonials as possible.

Customer testimonials is a key weapon in breaking through this catch-22 of getting your company from Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Product-Market Fit (PMF). Convincing more people that your MVP fits your target market’s needs.