Content Hacks Side Hustle- 100 Words

What does it really take to repurpose a blog article into something?

It’s not that simple nor is it that complex. Repurposing a blog can’t be a mindless job. The repurposed assets should help you deliver results. In other words, help you achieve your marketing goals.

If you choose to repurpose a blog into different assets, they should be consumable, engaging, and converting.

Typically, a blog article is treated as long form content. Which means there are three possibilities:

  1. Break the article into smaller pieces
  2. Add it to a longer content asset, such as a white paper or e-book.
  3. Build another asset of the same consumption time such as a video or podcast.

What can I recreate or repurpose using a blog article?

Let’s use the above parameters.

Micro content (parameter 1)

  1. Tweets for tweet shots
  2. Visual quotes
  3. Carousel
  4. Summary how to post
  5. Social media post
  6. Email cadence with 3 – 4 emails

Expanded (or abridged) Content

  1. Ebook
  2. Animated movie
  3. Whitepaper
  4. Case study – process explanation
  5. Podcast
  6. How-to video

How do I know that I should repurpose a blog article?

Great question! Look at data and engagement.

There are some cues that you should look for if you want to know whether a blog post is worth investing further to repurpose.

  1. How much traffic has it been receiving and by whom?
  2. How many people shared it (via social share plug-in tool)?
  3. How many people commented on it?
  4. How many highlights did it receive (I use tweet it plug-in) ?
  5. If you are used to reading heatmaps, check out which parts are receiving more attention.

What effort does it take to convert a blog article into something?

Create your raw material for a channel, first.

Don’t repurpose content and then figure out where you should be distributing it.

So, once you have the raw material and blogs that need to be repurposed, bucket them. Classify them under categories such as:

  • Short quotes
  • Audio
  • Video story
  • Video animated
  • Image/ Illustrations

Now map them by relevant channels.

Start repurposing these assets to meet the channel consumption patterns. Align the above mentioned formats to the channels.