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What are content professionals or writers good at? Tell your clients.

No, the client is not always right! Nor is the boss at the agency.

Here is someone who chose to make a teenager’s problem centric to a series and became a hit. Spiderman’s script was rejected. Stan Lee, writer of Spiderman went on to publish it in the last journal of the magazine publication that was running into losses. The last journal that went for distribution and never stopped again. 

The series of Spiderman became an all-time bestseller.

There are times when you need to be explicit about what you are expecting from your customer. Tell them what you think they know. And also, about what you know.

This is like Apple launching the iPod. The product created its own market. Content should also be treated as a product of its own.

Sometimes it is important to articulate what they should think you know. Overpromise can backfire.

what does the client know_story scientist

But, let’s begin with what the client already knows. This helps in leaving these pieces alone and focusing on advocating what you know better.

So, what does your customer know?

Clients know their business better than you do. So, let’s not teach them how to run their business.

Nischala Agnihotri

Clients hire content professionals because they do not know how to communicate with their customers. Content services are employed to leverage better communication and messaging.

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Your clients would love to hear from you in the first sitting,

  • How to create great content?
  • What type of content can help them amplify voice among the noise?
  • What is the engaging content that will help them retain clients?

To make these happen, take some from your clients before you give them.

What to take from the client_story scientist

What worked before with your client?

This could be a certain type of blog post, certain frequency and timing, webinars, and so on. Check with them what has worked for them.

This free e-book provides a full checklist of what you should ask.

Secret forumula unarticulated

There will be things that have worked for them in the past while bringing onboard some clients. However, they may not be cognizant of what has worked. Ask questions that will help them think and share that secret formula.

Innate stories that bind the vision with the team and product

Let the client open up. Let them talk about their stories. Most times, it will be very interesting facts that existed around us but we didn’t know they exist.

Yakult-case-study_story scientist
Yakult talks about intestinal flora and microbes in the digestive track. They spun a story to tell their audience how important it is to take care of their digestive system with a product like Yakult.

Checklists and other expectations.

Be candid. Don’t work with the fear of losing a lead. It is much easier to work with one client who trusts you rather than 10 clients who hate your work.

Talk to them about the checklists that would have all the information. Set the right expectations.

Download this e-book that explains what you should talk to your clients about.

help your client as a content writer_story scientist

Your clients look for help in simplifying:

  • Tone of the brand through messaging
  • Voice
  • Messaging

Tell them why copying ideas from your competitor won’t help, always. Those ideas should really make meaning to your client’s business before implementing them

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