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10 things your customer knows but 6 things that they don’t. You should tell them.

Where does the client need a content professional’s help? Taking the right advice and managing client’s gyaan while freelancing

Client: “You must understand our business better. Customers of our business will not respond to what you have written. The engagement will be low.”

You (in your mind): Yeah right! Like you have experimented earlier. How do you know it doesn’t work, even without trying?

You (in reality): Sure. That’s great feedback. We will take another stab at it.

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Taking the right advice and managing client’s gyaan while freelancing

This can go on.

Many times you could be put into a fix. You don’t know what to take from your client and what to leave. How important is the feedback?

In most cases, the client knows the following for sure.

10 things your customer knows about their business

  1. The business they have stepped into
  2. Their customers
  3. What has worked with them in the past?
  4. The emotional story that they want to attribute to their brand
  5. How does their product work?
  6. What are the features that need help while marketing?
  7. Their vision
  8. The core objective of why they started this business
  9. Marketing metrics from past
  10. Customer responses from the past.

Where does the client need a content professional’s help?

The content professional could be a writer, designer, brand consultant, or strategist. They can help their customer by filling in on:

  • Tonality
  • Voice
  • Ideas
  • Processes (messaging and distribution)
  • Best practices and governance
  • Content Hacks (both familiar and unfamiliar)

Amazon devotes its resources to pleasing consumers, even if that means sellers or content providers sometimes feel shortchanged.

Harvard Business Review

If you see that your client is moving away from this checklist, then stay keen on figuring out ‘if this is the right client?’ after all.

BONUS: How to find out if you are approaching the right client?

  1. What is the business model?

  2. How old is the business?

    Established or a startup.

  3. How are they positioned currently?

  4. Who are their customers?

    More than one type, get them all.

  5. Why are they seeking your services?

  6. What is the anticipated outcome?

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