Season 1: Me.Inc

The first season is titled ‘Me. Inc’ of my podcast The Conversion Stack that is dedicated to the mix of #personalbranding. I present my monologues about how #personalbranding contributes to the bottom line of a business. Why is a #founder’s brand so important from day-1? And explores ideas that say a founder’s brand boosts sales or the top C-suite owning a personal brand attract better employees and also of course about how to build a brand.

I will be peeling everything necessary to get to the bottom of “Does Personal Branding contribute to conversions?”

Does it? Is it an over-pompous, a mind trick, a myth, a tactic, or a journey? Tune in to the latest episodes of The Conversion Stack.

Latest Episodes on The Conversion Stack

Episode 5: Building self-aware systems to measure thought leadership KPIs

Over a conversation with one of my IoT clients, he mentioned that a major attribute for smart embedded systems is the notion of self-awareness. And think about it, this notion enables an embedded system to monitor its own state and behavior, also the external environment.  Think about it for a minute. When self-awareness can be applied to large organizations and machines, then why not for someone like us.

  1. 1.How self-awareness is a real concept and is put to use by marketers?
  2. Thought Leaders measuring their KPIs with self-awareness
  3. Practices to help you stay more Self-aware

Episode 4: Painting a Picture with Visualization: Ace as a Thought Leader with clear thinking

You are your own crystal ball. The first practice to establish as a thought leader is to be able to Visualize as a part of your thinking process. I am going to tell you a real story, the science behind visualization, a book that can help you, and a tactic that you can apply for yourself. Clear the air and see your future self. What you see when your eyes are shut is what you will see when you open your eyes…Close your eyes and picture it. You will see it slowly evolve and emerge before your shut your eyes and open the mind. That is ‘Visual Imagery’.

Episode 3: 7 karma used to establish thought leadership

In India, the concept of action is equated to karma. As per Indian philosophy, karma is what creates the circle of life and establishes a bond with one’s self. And, this is why the seven actions laid out to become a thought leader are also referred to as karma.

Episode 2: Fix the mix of Personal Branding

If someone asked you what your name is, you would simply tell them your name and probably add who you are.

But, what if they find out what you do, right after hearing your name. On the contrary, how does it feel if when they immediately associate your name with the work that you do. Feels celebrated?

Well, that instant association and knowing yourself before you tell the world who you are… that’s personal branding.

Episode 1: Using Content to build a Conversion Stack

Yes, it is possible to strike conversions with content. What you need is the right set of tools at the right time… The fundamental principle is that marketing is driven by conversions but what drives your audience to strike that conversion is content that builds the right emotion.