Side Hustle- 100 Words

You are not enough to achieve your goals

I always set a goal and failed again and again. Here’s why?

Why can’t we make ourselves do what we want to do?

I would set the alarm to 5.30 am but never accomplished my goals for a long time.

I have identified 3 things that stop us: Mindset, Motivation, Camaraderie

Mindset overload

We stay motivated for a few days and then our motivation gets diluted by distractions, different set of priorities, entropy. All this pushes us to lose interest in ourselves, in our own preferred choices.

Diminishing Motivation

The overload works on us. Motivation is like a fund. It needs to be constantly replenished. Or else, just like a fund, it starts depleting. As days get closer to the goal, motivation starts diminishing.


This is the most important. In fact the third reason is lack of camaraderie. Troops, teams, groups – all other collectives have a multiplied power of helping each other stay focused. Being in a like-minded group of people supports in fulfilling our motivations and hence goals.

What keeps you from accomplishing your goals?