Side Hustle- 100 Words Thought Leadership

How do you have so many real life stories to share?

I get asked this often. “How do you manage to share so many stories on Linkedin?”

Trust me you would also have so many unique stories to share. What you need would be…

  1. one habit – journaling
  2. one skill – articulation
  3. one trait – vulnerability

Everyday journaling helps me center myself around inspiration for each day. It ensures that I don’t rely on my memory which is very poor. Everything that I learn and that I am inspired about are documented in some place through my habit of journaling.

It helps me build a repository of atleast 365 stories in a year.

The skill that helps me is breaking every thought into smaller steps and smaller incidents and smaller sentences. This is nothing but articulation. By honing my articulations skills, I gain the ability to write interesting stories for my audience.

This helps me create stories that resonate with many people around me.

And, I am willing to remain vulnerable. Sometimes, I press the <backspace> button more than <enter>. There are so many stories that I don’t want to share. Telling my personal stories helps me practice the art of attempting to explore an uncomfortable space in my life.