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Creativity is structured scatter

I watched an interesting debate on “how can entrepreneurs follow processes while entrepreneurs are meant to be creative?” in one of the entrepreneur forums on google groups.

Creative attitude is for some reason stereotyped by scatter and little planning. Though this is true to a certain extent, at the same time we should notice that the most creative works on Earth, created by an unknown energy called GOD, always follow structure and planning in each of those creations.

We can see the application of “Golden ratio” in whatever nature offers us. Though there are debates around and exceptions to the golden ratio, if we were to consider the application of golden rule as true, then it is applicable to the processes designed by entrepreneurs in an organization too.

With this argument in place let us rethink about the question whether or not entrepreneurs require structure and process to run their organizations in a creative way.

Entrepreneurs create something out of the box but at some point to achieve efficiency, they need to drop off the unnecessary steps and bring in order and systems in place. This leads to some amount of mechanization. Here we instill structure, processes and systems to deliver the creative aspect.

Creativity is not just about creating but being able to add utility value to what has been created.  Creativity is attributed to an entrepreneur with reference to the approach he/she takes to deliver the desired output. This sequence of thoughts triggers us to rethink and define creativity for ourselves and especially as entrepreneurs.

Does process and structure disrupt or impede an entrepreneur’s creative pulse?