Personal Branding course for solopreneurs and independent professionals

Me.Inc presents an exclusive personal branding course for solopreneurs and independent professionals. It is designed over a scientific and proven framework to build your Personal Brand from scratch and present it to the world.

Own Your Brand. Find Your ‘Self’

This is an impact-based program that comes with the combination of weekly tasks and cohort-based connects. This approach helps you learn from the instructor as well as the other learners registered your batch.

Course Outline

Course Schedule

  • Intro connect: 1:1 Connect
  • (10 chapters in 8 weeks)
  • Week 1: On platform and email
  • Group connect 1
  • Week 2 & 3: On platform and email
  • Group connect 2
  • Week 4, 5 & 6: On platform and email
  • Group connect 3
  • Week 7 & 8: On platform and email
  • Group connect 4
  • Group connect: Q&A
  • Closure connect: 1:1

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to questions that you have been looking for.

How long is the personal branding course?

It a 12-week long course where you need to invest 2 – 6 hours in a week. 4 weeks at different phases of the course, will be catered to goal alignment, closure, group connects, and handholding. 8 weeks will be filled with exercises, application, understanding your story, finding your audience and so on. This will be the duration dedicated to the core theory + practice.

How many people will be in a single cohort?

Each cohort will have not more than 12 members.

What will I learn at the end of this course?

1. Find and use the right levers to articulate yourself
2. Showcase the necessary attributes that help your audience resonate with you.
3. Learn the art of doing your own research and creating content.
4. Identify the channels where you should be and how to use.
5. Build habits, routines, and schedules that will support your branding efforts.
6. Learn about the tools, frameworks, and the ecosystem that you should create for yourself.

What is the onboarding process?

Once you register and subscribe to the program,
1. You will receive a welcome email with the call schedule for a 1:1 connect where we will be spending time on aligning your intentions and goals with the program design.
2. You will receive access to the material in video, audio, text, or tool format. These will be delivered on the platform. You will also receive homework and practice exercises to apply in the real world.
3. This will be accompanied by 5 group check-ins for phase-wise guidance and evaluation of assignment submissions.
4. It would end with a 1:1 closure call and a couple weeks of handholding.

What is the impact that I can create after the completion of the personal branding course?

1. Making Personal Brand your second nature.
2. Create a digital footprint for yourself driven by your own Thought Leadership.
3.Build an engaging community that appreciates your work.

Can we stay in touch after the course ends?

Yes. You will receive access to a member-only group.